This page is frequently updated. Below is a list of reputable resources about Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and tips for managing a gluten-free diet. If you wish to share a resource that you have found helpful, please contact the webmaster at .

General Celiac Disease Resources

Celiac Disease Foundation – A comprehensive website that includes a diagnostic symptom checklist to share with your physician, information on diagnosis, and treatment. General educational material about Celiac Disease, information about symptoms, and information about current research on the disease. Guides on gluten free diet and lifestyle are included. For the athlete diagnosed with celiac or the athlete with a friend diagnosed with Celiac, you can join Team Gluten Free and raise money to help fund research on Celiac Disease.

Gluten Health Issues

The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center -A very brief overview of the 4 major gluten-related health impacts. Beyond this page, much of the information is targeted at health professionals. However, A very informative guide for living with Celiac Disease is available on the site.

Web MD – Guide to a Healthy Kitchen: The Truth About Gluten – A very brief overview of Celiac Disease and other gluten types of health impacts are provided. This is followed by a guide outlining the problematic impacts of a gluten free diet and making smart gluten-free diet choices.

Gluten-Free Food Choices

David Perlmutter, MD – Gluten-Free Food List – A list of gluten free healthy foods organized by major food categories such as healthy fats, proteins, vegetables, seasonings, etc. A sample shopping list is included.

The Gluten-Free Diet – List of gluten free foods – A detailed list of gluten free natural foods.

Healthline – Gluten Allergies Food List – A concise overview about gluten allergies. While it is important to know what can be eaten, it is VERY important to know what foods to AVOID. Presented in 6 brief sections, this site provides a comprehensive resource for gluten-free eating.

Dietspotlight – – a general overview of gluten and diet. Several links to recipes.