Welcome to the Alabama Gluten Free & Celiac Community!

We are a community-based organization that provides social support to individuals and families whose health is impacted by gluten. We want to help our community find the resources that they need to live comfortably with the challenges of the ‘gluten-free lifestyle’ – while still being able to enjoy a normal life that is not dictated by a ‘diet’.

      Our Mission

  • To provide support to the gluten free community through information about health, gluten-free food, and resources.
  • To provide education and information to promote community awareness which might lead people to diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and related autoimmune disorders.
  • To be a 24/7 user friendly source of information and inspiration. A place to be able to share ideas, recipes, and resources.
  • To help raise money for research and education through annual fundraising events.

Please browse our website to find resources that will help you better understand Celiac disease and the impact gluten has on health.  And be sure to check the News section frequently for upcoming events.  By entering your email below we will send you information about upcoming events.  Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page and like us at Alabama Gluten Free & Celiac Community